This week I have changed about the subjects in which I am studying and practicing. I have changed the microservices and Spring Framework for algorithms and programming bases.


Algorithms have been a very difficult part of my career, as it has been one of the most difficult subjects to learn (I keep learning). I have participated in programming contests and I used to get frustrated because I did not understand all the algorithms and Big O notation. Being a student of Telematics, I did not have adequate preparation of algorithms and data structures.

For that reason I feel very happy every time I understand an algorithm, how to use it, solve a problem and discover the time complexity.

The most important thing I learned this week was about the Log(n) time complexity. Well, it refers to the fact that your data input is twice your output, or in a better way, seeing it as a tree Log(n) refers to the height of the tree and the height depends on the number of elements in it.

Know what to do!

I consider myself an indecisive person, so I have learned how to handle this. Well, I usually spend time and energy deciding what to do instead of just making a decision and doing it. This has become a problem for me, due to the workload that I have right now. So before going to sleep I write in a notebook what I have to do the next day and that makes me only try to do things and not decide what to do.

Sleep and eat well

It seems such a simple and everyday thing that we forget to do it right. Sleeping and eating well gives you energy and balance to be productive and feel better throughout the day. Even though I am still struggling with eating right, I try to sleep before 11:30 pm to wake up at 8am so that my energy and day last longer.