Coding without a computer

This week has been very different from the rest, my computer stopped working and I have worked in a very different way than I had (programming without a computer).

You can be a victim but don’t victimize yourself (again)

This week I felt like a victim of things outside of me. My computer was crashing, my internet was slow, and I was feeling sick. The truth is that I was a victim, a victim of all this.

Being a victim is not bad, victimizing yourself it is. I learned not to victimize myself, and although I had these problems I found the solution of how to handle this whole environment. If I had victimized myself I would say “I can not do anything for my computer”, “Do not assign me tasks because my computer does not work” I would not have gotten anywhere with this.

Still working

At first without my computer, without my work tool, I felt like an injured soccer player. Which physically cannot play and therefore does not contribute anything to the team.

But it was not like that, between my team and I thought of a solution for this (while I was trying to get a computer). And I was helping guide the missing tasks of the team and through a meet I connected with a developer and we got to work together. That person was coding but between the two of us we thought about the solution and investigated.

At night I had access to a computer lent by my brother where I had a couple of hours to help in a better way.

I learned that although everything seems to be against you, you should keep working, keep working. I realized that contributing a little or a lot (knowing that my computer is useless) was very valuable because my team came to believe that in some way there was no way I could help and they were prepared to work without me. So what I was able to contribute in a passive way was very helpful because you only need to do or know a little more than what people expect for you to end up helping others.