This week I learned how to prepare and practice for an interview. The techniques and tools that I am using to pass the coding interviews I will share later.

I found a technique to prepare for the coding interviews. What I did was create an account on Pramp and use it to have a couple of mock interviews that are about how you solve a problem and must interview your partner too.

This has been very similar to the ‘interviewmania’ that I have had in my internship, because before taking the interview you must study the problem that your partner will solve, you have to be prepared to solve an exercise and at the end you must give feedback (and receive) about the performance of your interviewee.

To complement the mock interviews, I have also started to solve exercises in LeetCode and I have learned that although solving them is important, the way you do it is more. Well, knowing the path you take to solve a problem says a lot about your way of thinking and also about your effort to achieve it.

This week I have realized how comfortable I feel working as a team. It is very important to me, because I have always been someone who prefers to do things alone but now, I enjoy doing both. Every night I get together with a couple of colleagues to solve a HackerRank problem (Interview Preparation Kit). It feels good to be able to listen to your partners and for them to listen to you with the aim of reaching a joint solution, to be honest this has been the best of my week.

Despite all this, I have learned that I still need to practice a lot to avoid the nervousness and anxiety that this type of interview causes me. I’ll be working on that, on my English and on my communication.