This week I focus more on reviewing the fundamentals of programming, Java and JavaScript. Even so, I was able to do a JavaScript issue and although it was not the most difficult, I am satisfied with the research and attempts that I made to solve it.


I was reviewing some programming paradigms where I realized that I knew about some of them but did not identify them with that name, such as imperative, functional and reactive programming.

About JavaScript, I have started from the beginning. I have been recommended to study the “Eloquent JavaScript” book which provides a modern introduction to the language. I want to emphasize the way it interprets the number 0, which is sometimes forgotten that it is also considered as false. Although it seems irrelevant, I remember that this behavior caused me an error in a programming problem which I was involved in a few months ago, so it is particularly important to consider it again.

About java, I was learning more about the spring framework oriented to microservices, where one of the most interesting things I learned was how JSON processing is. I learned about some annotations from the Jackson library that handle the customizations you want when converting a java object to json and vice versa.

Building a project in spring framework I was handling the sending and receiving of JSON data where, not knowing these annotations, I had to handle some json that were neither the prettiest nor the most efficient. So, learning this after this project made me understand how important it is to handle these tags and the data in Json format in general.


The satisfactory result of the week is that I already made a JavaScript issue. As I mentioned before, it was not a complicated issue. Well, in the end it was just changing some CSS styles to solve the project problem. But I feel good about the research I did on how Angular handles components. Well, this project was in that framework and I have only programmed with React. From what I found too interesting, the difference in how these two frameworks handle components.

The unpleasant experience was that I couldn’t resolve a java issue that I had mentioned earlier about a JPA implementation. I wanted to know more information about the data model that I wanted to handle in this project, the author of this issue only answered me to let me know that he would be on holiday and that after that he could answer me. I still tried to solve it with diverse types of relationships between entities, but in the end I was unsuccessful. Although this issue helped me a lot in remembering how to do a JPA implementation and use an H2 database, it also made me interested in how this project was managed by modules and was a set of smaller projects. So, for the reasons mentioned above, I think the experience with this issue was not so bad.