You’ll never walk alone

This week has been one of my favorites in my process as a software developer intern. Well, I’m involved in a real project, working with a technology that I feel very comfortable with (I’m developing in Java language and Spring Framework).


Teamwork can be stressful because it reaches a point where you feel your partners are doing less than you and although at first it’s not a huge problem, every day feels the difference in work.

But it’s also true that there are other members doing more than me and that doesn’t seem to bother me.

In the end we are a team and I have learned that the goal is to succeed as a group and not to get personal credit. From what my colleagues and I understand that some have had more experience than others and that is an advantage, having people with experience in technology but also having developers willing to learn and contribute. My team is full of people who want to learn and I love that.

After all, it is good when you teach something to a partner but it is just as good when a partner teaches it to you. I have learned to work as a team and that although there may be complications, it is always better to work as a unit.

Power of good tools

I already have worked with Git, but this week I have learned a lot about it. Specifically about branches, how to switch, structure the branches of the repository and the most important thing, how to merge.

When you use a tool as a Git, you feel that your project has a security shield, and coding without fear of breaking the application.

Moreover, this week I overcame my fear of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process. I worked with CircleCI and it’s another tool that helps you deploy apps more simply and also not to break the server where your app is.


Yes I have a lot of work. Yes I get stressed. Yes I’m also afraid of failing.

So, Where is the fun?

We have many responsibilities, but we also have to have a little fun so that happiness can be channeled and we can use it to motivate ourselves to continue working.

This week I was meeting with friends from my work and It has been fantastic. And in summary, I liked getting to know my co-workers more because personally I no longer have the opportunity to see my friends from my city so meeting new people (even by video call) has made me very happy these last days.